Saturday, March 22, 2008

No One Would ever Replace You

I was falling off the edge
I didnt see the point
in living my life
so I started to jump

only hell lays at the bottom
of that narrow cliff
but I never reached it
you grabbed me before I did

I was confused of who I was
but you took my hand
instead of calling me a freak
you held me

you took off all the make-up
the hollow eyes you saw through
opened up a person
the one I could never find

you saw my first smile
the beginning of not wanting to die
no suicide
just happiness

you poured me out
with the depressed hated anger
and filled me with these words I never heard
I love you.

You Are One, Still The ONe

I love everything about u
And I love u the most

I love the way u smile
And the way u dry
My tears when I cry

I love the way u let me listen
To your heart beating

And the way u tell me
Itâ??s for me who u living

I love the way u hurt me
And always come back
To say please forgive me

I love u for being
Who u r in front of me

And for not trying
To impress me

I love every word u say
And I love u in every way

I love u
Not because u love me too

I love u
Because your love is true

You Wil Remain In My Heart Forever

I couldn't do anything
Except stand there and stare into space
Because too much heartache you bring
I'd rather you spit in my face

Tonight I found something out
Something which I really, really hate
And I knew without a doubt
That what I did was too little, too late

Sleepless nights will soon follow
Just like what happened before
I do not know what to do or where to go
I feel shattered to the very core

When I reached out, I grabbed thin air
And then I see myself falling, falling
What I need is for you top care
And hear you call me "Darling"

At times I feel I am chasing the wind
Useless and a waste of energy
To capture the wind, I must be keen
And keen is the best word to describe me

Keen is what I will always be
So that I can have the person I adore
And I will be like the sea
Always chasing the shore

Tonight I walk alone
Hands in pocket and head full of though
All that is lost is gone
And now i will seize every opportunity I got

Immortality you will gain
In my heart

You Are The reason that I Live

I close my eyes and try to sleep,
But thoughts of you I keep.
They flood my dreams,
Like the running streams.

You're my one and only choice,
I smile when I hear your voice.
I miss you when you're away,
I think about you all day.

When you hold me tight,
You make everything alright.
You cheer me up when I'm sad;
You calm me down if I'm mad.

You wrap your arms around my hips,
Holding me tight and kissing my lips.
Never let me go or I might fall,
Always be there if I shall call.

Take away my sadness and sorrow,
Show me there is always a tomorrow.
Tell me that everything is going to be fine,
Call me yours and I will call you mine.

You are a gift sent from above,
I write this poem for you love.
To tell you how I exactly feel,
To tell you this feeling is real.

I want this feeling to last forever,
I hope we'll always stay together.
And that our love stays strong,
And that I don't do you wrong.

Never to break your heart,
Never to tear our love apart.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Living in Silent Pain

This never ending pain
Will not be healed

My hate has turned my eyes
To black and never to gray

This evil inside my soul
Will fight for my lonely spirit

The blood will not conceal
My violence will forever remain

These past memories haunt
This hateful soul of mine
Consumed by hate
Part sufferer, part conqueror

Part victim, part seeker
Father of an angry soul
Son of a beaten spirit

This never ending pain
Will not be healed

Thursday, March 13, 2008

DoNt Hurt Me,I Am Already Dead

Lonely and hurt,
Broken I remain
Residing in hell,
living in pain...

Masked by lies,
I slowly fade away...
The nightmare I live with,
each and every day

The meaning of it all,
to which my mind attends,
Has not one answer
that I fully comprehend...

The bottom of my mind
holds the answers which I call,
I keep reaching towards it
in this never-ending fall...

"Stay strong and keep going,
it's never too late"...
No one seems to realize
that it's not worth the wait

There's no such thing
as help outside of your mind,
It's you against yourself,
with your demons intertwined

It's a battle, hard fought,
but never to be won...
Either way you end up losing
when it's all said and done

"Too late" came and passed...
and, of me, nothing more
I wrote my own ending,
and I shut my own door...

"Live your life to its fullest"
that's what they all said,
But what's the point in trying
when you're already dead?

Sathyabama University

Sathyabama University, initially as Sathyabama Engineering College, was started by Jeppiaar Educational Trust in the year 1987. The aim of the trust is to promote technical education and research in the area of science and technology in keeping up with the times. Right from the day inception, the institute has become synonymous with

discipline and academic excellence. This is possible due to the close supervision, excellent coaching opportunities, state of the art infrastructure available in the University. Special coaching to bright students to become rank holders and slow learners to keep in pace with other in the class, is appreciated both by the students and their parents.

This helped the esteemed institution to achieve 90% placement in the campus. Constant evaluation of teaching methods, in house training to teaching staff are some of the practices that are followed.

The infrastructure and facilities in the University promotes all round development of the students.

The infrastructure includes hi-tech laboratories and well equipped libraries, which are a part of various departments like Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Bio-Technology, Bio-Informatics,

Bio-Medical, Chemical, Civil, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical, Aeronautical etc.

Students are given extra coaching to improve their communicative skills to meet the needs of the industry in 100 user English language laboratory.

Separate ­in hose living facilities are provided to girls and boys in the university’s hostels.

The hostels are a home away from home with play grounds, gymnasium, coaching in yoga and meditation, dance for girls etc. Spacious mess halls to accommodate more than 2000 people at a time, a hygienic kitchen, bakery and ice cream making unit are other add-ons to the huge mess halls. The University mess halls provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to all the students and the staff. To commute the students and staff

from various places suburbs of the city to the University and vice-versa the University uses its 150 buses everyday.

The transport facilities allow the classes to start on time. Sathyabama University is known for punctuality, discipline

and high academic standards.